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Down to Seven Days

Sorting the paperwork

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What a day!! With only seven days to go we've collected our tickets from the lovely Jo at Flight Centre. We needed a fair sized shopping bag to carry them away. We've spent the afternoon going through all the vouchers and tickets and dates and times and it looks like it will all hang together without problems.

We also contacted DVA and CentreLink to advise them that we'd be overseas for the three months.

I was reminded of a couple who went overseas and found that when they tried to use their credit card the transaction was rejected. They tried again and were told the card had been blocked. They hadn't informed the card company that they would be in Hong Kong. The credit card company was alerted to what they assumed was an unauthorised transaction and blocked the card. Took the shine off their first overseas trip and cost them a few days to get it sorted.

So today I spent a few hours informing my credit card company where we'd be and when. It would be nice to be able to point them to my Travel Map here at TravellersPoint :-)

I also found out that different classes of ticket on different airline flights have different baggage weight limits. Some are very generous but that's not much help when you're travelling with five different carriers. Looks like 20 Kg is the limit. It is proving difficult to pack for the cold climate for three months and stay within that.

Finally, for today, I'd like to comment on the extensive and thorough set of documentation provided by the people at Cartan Tours. Indications are that out train, coach and Fairmont hotel trip from Vancouver to Toronto will be the highlight of the trip. Check out Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, Fairmont Banff Springs and the Fairmont Royal York.

Am I getting excited ?? YOU BET !!

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No Power All Day

Wild Storms in the area

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I've been off the air for most of today. Wild storms brought down power lines in many places, one was just down the road. The tree broken by the storm brought down three spans of overhead power line. I lost power at 0315 this morning and it was restored at 1615 this afternoon.
Praise for the emergency crews that worked long and hard this Fathers' Day.


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Update of the Trip Map

Additional Information for each leg

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I have added additional detail for each leg of the trip. Stating the arrival and departure times and the hotels we're staying at. I've also include airline and flight details and corrected some date errors.

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Day by Day

Link to my planning map and details of each destination.

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Around the World - link to map

The trip of a lifetime around the world in 95 days by bus, plane, ship and train.

Travelling 60348 kilometers, visiting 48 destinations.
o [16 Sep 2010] Moruya, Australia
o [16 Sep 2010 - 17 Sep 2010] Sydney, Australia
o [17 Sep 2010] Suva, Fiji
o [17 Sep 2010] Apia, Samoa
o [17 Sep 2010 - 21 Sep 2010] Honolulu, USA
o [21 Sep 2010 -25 Sep 2010] Seattle, USA Start Inside Passage Cruise (7 days)
o [27 Sep 2010] Ketchikan, USA
o [28 Sep 2010] Juneau, Alaska, USA
o [29 Sep 2010] Skagway, USA
o [30 Sep 2010] Prince Rupert, Canada
o [02 Oct 2010 - 10 Oct 2010] Vancouver, Canada Start Cross Canada Train Trip (10 days)
o [11 Oct 2010 - 12 Oct 2010] Jasper, Canada
o [12 Oct 2010 - 13 Oct 2010] Lake Louise, Canada
o [13 Oct 2010 - 15 Oct 2010] Banff, Canada
o [15 Oct 2010 - 16 Oct 2010] Jasper, Canada
o [19 Oct 2010 - 21 Oct 2010] Toronto, Canada
o [21 Oct 2010 - 31 Oct 2010] Ottawa, Canada
o [31 Oct 2010] Montreal, Canada
o [31 Oct 2010] Boston, USA
o [31 Oct 2010] Reykjavík, Iceland
o [31 Oct 2010 - 03 Nov 2010] Frankfurt am Main, Germany
o [03 Nov 2010 - 06 Nov 2010] Amsterdam, Netherlands
o [06 Nov 2010 - 09 Nov 2010] Paris, France
o [09 Nov 2010 - 12 Nov 2010] London, United Kingdom
o [12 Nov 2010 - 14 Nov 2010] Barcelona, Spain Start Mediterranean Cruise (28 days)
o [15 Nov 2010] Monte-Carlo, Monaco
o [16 Nov 2010] Florence, Italy
o [17 Nov 2010] Rome, Italy
o [18 Nov 2010] Naples, Italy
o [20 Nov 2010] Palma Campania, Italy
o [21 Nov 2010] Barcelona, Spain
o [23 Nov 2010] Rome, Italy
o [25 Nov 2010] Athens, Greece
o [26 Nov 2010] İzmir, Turkey
o [28 Nov 2010 - 29 Nov 2010] Alexandria, Egypt
o [01 Dec 2010] Valletta, Malta
o [03 Dec 2010] Barcelona, Spain
o [05 Dec 2010] Casablanca, Morocco
o [06 Dec 2010] Agadir, Morocco
o [07 Dec 2010] Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
o [08 Dec 2010] Funchal, Portugal
o [10 Dec 2010] Málaga, Spain
o [12 Dec 2010 - 14 Dec 2010] Barcelona, Spain
o [14 Dec 2010] Zurich, Switzerland
o [14 Dec 2010 - 17 Dec 2010] Singapore, Singapore
o [17 Dec 2010] Darwin, Australia
o [18 Dec 2010 - 19 Dec 2010] Sydney, Australia
o [19 Dec 2010] Moruya, Australia

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Final Link in the Chain - Now Complete

Rail Journeys Now Booked

semi-overcast 21 °C

Well, it is all done now.

With the continued help from Jo Patton of the Batemans Bay Flight Centre Travel Agency we have nailed the final nail in the bookings for this awesome adventure. We've confirmed the rail legs from Toronto to Fallowfield, from Frankfurt to Amsterdam, from Amsterdam to Paris and from Paris to London. I was a bit surprised by the $30 booking fee but it works out at just under $4 per ticket so it isn't too bad when spread over the $900 for all the tickets.

There are only 27 days to go and with this final detail completed we can now concentrate on the horror of packing our bags. Selecting clothing to suit Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean and Singapore is quite a challenge. Keeping it all at or below the 24 Kg airline limit just adds to the problem.

We may have to adopt the travelling style of the couple we travelled with in China. They started out with next to nothing in the way of clothing and bought essential items as the need arose. Worked well for them but that trip was just over three weeks, this one is at least four times longer.

The next stage of the preparation is to collect all the documentation and running a fine-tooth comb through it to make sure it all matches what we planned.

I will write again when something significant occurs.

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