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Cruise Day 28 – At sea

Day 87 Saturday 11 December - “Cruise Day 28 – At sea”

Today had all the hallmarks of another relaxing day at sea. Early in the morning there had been a short announcement something like “Code Alpha 5047”. Nothing further and we had breakfast and sorted out some of the accumulated paperwork. Took two completed books back to the library and we were sitting around doing very little.

The Captain announced that we were heading into a small port to transfer an ill passenger. Before long we were met out at sea by a marine rescue vessel, about the size of a pilot boat. The Jade came to a stop and positioned to protect the Port side from the wind and the rescue boat came along side.

The transfer started with two suitcases followed by a lady and finally the patient on a stretcher. The stretcher was placed on the outside deck and wrapped in three or four layers of blankets. It wasn't possible to take the stretcher into the cabin of the rescue boat. With a paramedic at the head of the stretcher the rescue boat took off back to port.

During our 28 days aboard this is the third person, that we're aware of, that has been medically evacuated. The first was taken off just minutes after we'd left the wharf and we returned to port, the second was placed in the ambulance just before we were due to sail, this one was the most dramatic though. I guess it is to be expected in a way, seeing the age and questionable condition of some of the passengers. Hell of a way to complete a cruise though.

Low key afternoon and our last dinner in the Grand Pacific. Packed our cases and hopefully kept out enough gear for tomorrow. Luggage has to be outside the cabin by 10 pm, not that we've eager to leave, but ours were out there two hours ahead of time.

Attended the crew show, always funny and entertaining. I'll use up the last of my Internet minutes and this will be the last of my postings from the Jade. It has been a wonderful experience, we've seen many fabulous places and have a had a great time along the way.

Just for the record, my belt appears to have shrunk by about 5 notches – no idea how long it will take to get back to my correct weight. Jenny has threatened a starvation diet for the next month, with Christmas happening that's not even remotely likely.

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I'm sure the problem with your belt is just your stomach muscles growing dad. Your tummy would be working with the rocking of the ship and you wouldn't even realise it. Might even be a 6 pack stuffed in there too. It will take mum a while to get used to a hubby with such a ripped bod! HAHA Tell her that one! xoxoxo

by MelandLes

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